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Component-Based Network System Engineering

Component-Based Network System Engineering

Copyright: 1999
Pages: 408
ISBN: 9781580530088

Hardback $59.00
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Using this new guide to building component-based network systems you are able to combine hardware, software and network elements in a predictable, competent way. Avoid costly mistakes and make the right choice the first time when deciding on and combining today 's fast-changing technologies. This book explains interfaces, integration, components and architectures, how they relate, and what combinations and approaches will yield the best results for your organization's needs. You get hands-on guidance to building systems based on real-world experience and solid network engineering theory without getting bogged down in technological complexity. In addition to its comprehensive overview, you learn how to avoid expensive mistakes when you design build or implement a networked system in a sea of competing hardware, software and components. It provides a practical update for network designers, systems integrators, technical architects, telecommunications engineers, systems analysts, and software designers, and business and information planners grappling with the ever-increasing array of network options.
At the Edge of Communication. Interfaces. Components. Integration. Architecture & Structure. By Three 's and Four 's - Bringing It All Together. Engineering the Vision. Toward Component-Based Engineering. Interfaces & Integration - Standards and Formality. From Here to Eternity. The Interface Equation - A Formal Theory of Interfaces. Standards and Key Concepts. Glossary.
  • Rob Davis
  • Mark Norris Mark Norris is a technical director of Norwest Communications, Suffolk, UK. He is the author of Mobile IP Technology for M-Business (Artech House, 2001), Understanding Networking Technology: Concepts, Terms, and Trends, Second Edition (Artech House, 1999) and Survival in the Software Jungle (Artech House, 1995); the co-editor of Systems Modeling for Business Process Improvement (Artech House, 2000); and the co-author of Component-Based Network System Engineering (Artech House, 2000).
  • Alan Pengelly
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