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Helmet-Mounted Displays and Sights

Helmet-Mounted Displays and Sights

By (author): Mordekhai Velger
Copyright: 1998
Pages: 378
ISBN: 9780890068229

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Here's an in-depth, design practitioner's study of helmet-mounted display and sight technology (HMD/HMS). This unique combination of advanced optics, computing, and electronics gives users a continuous, hands-free display of computer, 3-D, or virtual imaging. Authored by a leading aerospace engineer, Helmet-Mounted Displays and Sights takes a comprehensive look at this increasingly popular technology - from the human factors associated with the use of HMDs, to design requirements of HMD/HMS, to new and future advances in image source and display technology, and more. HMD/HMS engineers will find this guide to be valuable reading as it offers practical advice on evaluating various designs and technologies, selecting appropriate image sources, and designing helmet display systems that are more human friendly. It also provides you with techniques and algorithms for computing and implementing head position and for stabilizing display images. In addition to illustrating the latest image source display technologies, fiber optic image guides, and holographic optical elements, the book also introduces the concept of biodynamic interference and its effects on HMD systems. Chapters on viewing HMD images in dynamic environments and the problems of integrating HMD/HMS in aircraft and other vehicles add to the book's value for aviators and other HMD operators.
Characteristics of Head Coupled Devices. Human Factors Associated with Helmet-Mounted Displays. Image Sources. Optical Relay Design. Helmet Design and Integration with HMD/HMS. Helmet Position Measurement. Display Symbology and Information. Biodynamic Effects and Image Stabilization. Applications.
  • Mordekhai Velger Mordekhai Velger is head of the control engineering section of ELOP Electro Optics Industries, Israel, where he has been actively involved in the design and development of an advanced HMD/HMS system. He holds a D.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Dr. Velger has published nearly 30 technical papers and holds two patents.
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