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High-Power Optically Activated Solid-State Switches

High-Power Optically Activated Solid-State Switches

By (author)s: Arye Rosen, Fred Zutavern
Copyright: 1993
Pages: 500
ISBN: 9780890065075

Hardback $59.00 Qty:
This reference provides in-depth treatment of silicon and GaAs, linear and nonlinear, high-gain photoconductive semiconductor switching - plus important information on multimegavolt and multimega-amp pulsed power systems.
Linear Photoconductive Power Switches. High-Speed Switching in Photoconductors. Photconductive Switch Controlled Inductive Pulsed Power System. Photoconductive Switching Using Diamond and Zine Selenide. Optically Activated Opening of Copper-Doped Gallium Arsenide Switches. Laser Diode Arrays for Activation of Optical Switches. Innovative Switching Technology. The GaAs MESFET as an Optically Activated Switch. Optically Activated Traveling Wave Generators. High-Voltage Lateral Switches from Silicon or Gallium Arsenide. III-V-Based Optoelectronic Devices for High-Power Switching. Diagnostic Techniques for Optically Activated, Solid-State Switches.
  • Arye Rosen
  • Fred Zutavern
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