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Implementing EDI

Implementing EDI

By (author): Michael Hendry
Copyright: 1993
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9780890066645

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This superb introduction examines all aspects of implementation from concept to reality, and spells out the pros, cons, and effects of EDI in your organization. The cost of EDI hardware, software, training, transmission, and maintenance are broken down and clearly explained to prevent problems and maximize benefits. Checklists and procedural guidelines are also offered to ease your EDI transition - so that you 're never left with a system you can't put online quickly and efficiently. With special emphasis on international aspects, the text discusses the current state of the art and the wide range of practical EDI applications, including retail, manufacturing, transportation, banking, and insurance.
Concepts and Definitions. Opportunities and Problems. Functions of an EDI System. EDI Software. Central and Remote Hardware. EDI Standards. Implementing EDI. Applications of EDI. Retail and Wholesale Distribution. Transportation. EDI in Manufacturing. Other Applications of EDI. The International Environment. The Future of EDI.
  • Michael Hendry Mike Hendry is a freelance consultant in payment systems and data communications. He is the author of Smart Card Security and Applications (Artech House 1997) and Practical Computer Network Security (Artech House 1995). Mr. Hendry holds an M.B.A. from the International Management Institute, Geneva. and an M.A. in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK.
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