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Implementing Value-Added Telecom Services

Implementing Value-Added Telecom Services

By (author): Johan Zuidweg
Copyright: 2005
Pages: 248
ISBN: 9781580539791

Value-added services - messaging, mobile-commerce, location services, content provisioning - are the moneymakers in today's telecommunications market. This book shows you how to commercially offer these services without having to own network infrastructure. It explains all the relevant technologies that enable value added services in plain style without assuming in-depth knowledge of telecommunications. You learn how to offer pre-paid telephony over a third party's network, route calls inexpensively over the Internet, build and market mobile applications with short messaging (SMS) and multimedia messaging (MMS), and explore the commercial possibilities of cell broadcasting (CBS). The book explains push, pull, streaming, and progressive download content, the technologies for delivering each content type, and the methods for charging customers for each type of content delivery. You get expert guidance on how to exploit a variety of location techniques to become a provider of location based services. Moreover, the book discusses commercial and open-source solutions for developing service platforms. A practical, service-oriented guide, this book is your road map to building and deploying third-party telecommunications services.
Introduction - Advances in Computing Technology. Liberalization of Telecommunications Markets. Opportunities For Third Parties. Non Technical Factors. How to Use this Book. ; Prepaid Services - Prepaid Fixed Telephony. Prepaid Mobile Communications. ; Messaging Services - Electronic Mail. Short Message Service. Multimedia Messaging Service. Instant Messaging. Unified Messaging. ; Content Services - Pull and Push Content. World Wide Web. WAP. Imode. Push Content. Streaming Content. Content Protection. ; Location Based Services - Location Techniques. Location Architecture and Interfaces. Adding Location Value. Regulatory Issues. ; Electronic Commerce - E-Commerce Models. Business to Consumer Transactions. Business to Business Transactions. Person to Person Transactions. ; Appendix - Internet. Information Technologies. Telephony. Mobile Networks. ; Bibliography ; Standards list ; Glossary;
  • Johan Zuidweg Johan Zuidweg has an ICT consultancy called Next Generation Networks Research and incubates Internet start-ups. He earned his Ph.D. and M.Sc. in computer science from Leiden University.
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