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Interference Suppression Techn

Interference Suppression Techn

By (author): Ernest Freeman
Copyright: 1982
Pages: 245
ISBN: 9780890061107

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There is now a single source available to radar professionals that addresses the techniques for the suppression of undesired aperture antennas transmitter radiation. Based on work originally completed for the U.S. Navy Weapons Laboratory, Ernest R. Freeman has developed an up-to-date handbook that illustrates techniques every radar engineer must know. As the global use of satellite communications increases, the resulting clutter in the electromagnetic spectrum severely limited the efficiency of radar systems. Unlike books that stress the theoretical approach, Interference Suppression Techniques for Microwave Antenna and Transmitters offers practical solutions to the problem of undesired energy emanations - a problem that plagues radar engineers today and will continue to exist in the future. The use of the spectrum is expanding; the efficiency of existing systems can only be maintained with the application of the techniques described in this volume.
on Parabolic Reflectors. Fences. Corrugated Horn. Dielguide. Tunnel Antenna. Horn, Reflector Antennas. Arrays. Modification of Pillbox Antennas for Low Sidelobe Levels. Dielectric Rod Waveguide Array. EMC and MIL-STD-469. Effects of Emission Spectrum Measurement Errors. Appendix.
  • Ernest Freeman
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