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Introduction to Lightwave Communication Systems

Introduction to Lightwave Communication Systems

By (author): R. Papannareddy
Copyright: 1997
Pages: 246
ISBN: 9780890065723

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The promise of the on-line communications revolution is widely acknowledged but not yet fulfilled. Broader access to optical fiber systems holds the key to future success, and their superior transmission capabilities will provide the true gateway to the information superhighway Introduction to Lightwave Communication Systems covers the cutting-edge of this critically important technology, and provides an excellent technical grounding in the field. Traditional optical fiber systems are fully discussed including transmission media, light sources, semiconductor lasers, light detectors, couplers, splices, and connectors. You gain essential insight into state-of-the-art devices and systems and their key components, including optical amplifiers, quantum-well lasers and optoelectronic integrated circuits. The book takes a building-block approach to provide a complete understanding of system design. And you find a full discussion of the principles behind the technology. Optical fiber system performance problems are analyzed and solutions are explored, including: Techniques to reduce fiber dispersion; Techniques to minimize the impact of optical fiber nonlinearities; The critical role of optical amplifiers. This is an invaluable reference for researchers, engineers, and technologists, and an indispensable teaching tool for university instructors. More than 40 illustrations, 300 equations, and several field trials and experiments add to the book's value.
Introduction: Information Evolution. Basic Concepts. System Advantages.; System Description: System Block Diagram. Transmission Media. Light Sources. Light Detectors. Couplers, Splices, and Connectors. Performance Issues.; Optical Amplifiers: Semiconductor Amplifiers, Doped-Fiber Fiber Amplifiers. Performance and Design Issues.; Direct Detection Systems: Principle of Operation. Conventional Systems. Advanced Systems with Optical Amplifiers. Performance and Design Issues.; Coherent Optical Communications: Principle of Operation. System Configurations. Field Trials and Experiments. Performance and Design Issues.; Soliton Communication Systems: Fiber Solitons and Amplification. Performance and Design Issues. Recent Developments.; Optical Networks and Systems: Loop Distribution Systems. Photonic Local Networks. Multichannel Communication Systems. Interoffice and Terrestrial Transmission Systems. Undersea Transmission Systems.; Integrated Optics: Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits (OEICs). Components for OEICs. Optoelectronic Integration Technologies. State-of-the-Art OEICs.
  • R. Papannareddy R. Papannareddy is a principal engineer with Lightwave Systems. His articles and papers have been published in journals and presented at technical conferences. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.
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