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Microwave Circulator Design, Second Edition

Microwave Circulator Design, Second Edition

By (author): Douglas K. Linkhart
Copyright: 2014
Pages: 370
ISBN: 9781608075836

Hardback $164.00 Qty:
Circulator design has advanced significantly since the first edition of this book was published 25 years ago. The objective of this second edition is to present theory, information, and design procedures that will enable microwave engineers and technicians to design and build circulators successfully. This resource contains a discussion of the various units used in the circulator design computations, as well as covers the theory of operation. This book presents numerous applications, giving microwave engineers new ideas about how to solve problems using circulators. Design examples are provided, which demonstrate how to apply the information to real-world design tasks.
Theory of Operation - Units, Conversions, and Symbols. The Physical Basis of Ferrimagnetism. Ferrimagnetic Resonance. Microwave Propagation in Ferrites. Other Technologies.; Circulator Specification - The Parameters. Reflections and Segmentation. Junction Circulators. Lumped-Constant Circulators. Differential Phase Shift Circulators. Switching Circulators. Okada Circulators. Field-Displacement Isolators. Resonance Isolators. Applications of Circulators - Load Isolation. Duplexing. Multiplexing. Parametric Amplifiers. Phase Shifting.; Material Selection - Ferrites. Magnet Selection. Magnetic Compensating Material Selection. Dielectric Selection. Metals Selection.; Electrical Design - Junction Circulators. Lumped-Constant Circulators. Differential Phase Shift Circulators. Resonance Isolators. Dummy Loads for Isolators. Temperature Effects. Intermodulation Distortion. RF Power Effects. ; Magnetic Design - Magnet Sizing. Shielding. Temperature Compensation. Completing the Circuit. Special Cases. ; Mechanical Design - Thermal Considerations. Venting. Coaxial Junction Circulators. Lumped-Constant Circulators. Waveguide Circulators. Resonance Isolators. ; Assembly and Testing - Assembly Techniques. Testing. ; Tuning - Interaction Between Magnetic and Electrical Adjustments. Magnetic Adjustment. Electrical Adjustment. Eigenvalue Evaluation. ; Design Examples -Introduction to Examples. Above-Resonance Stripline Junction Circulator. Below-Resonance Stripline Junction Circulator. Waveguide Junction Circulator. Microstrip Circulator. Differential Phase Shift Circulator. Lumped-Constant Circulator. ; List of Symbols. Frequently Used Equations. About the Author. Index ;
  • Douglas K. Linkhart Douglas K. Linkhart is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), a Certified Master Electronics Technician (CETma), and holds an FCC General Radiotelephone (commercial) license with a Radar Endorsement. He earned his BSBA and MBA from the University of South Florida.
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