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Microwave Mixer Technology and Applications

Microwave Mixer Technology and Applications

By (author)s: Edmar Camargo, Bert Henderson
Copyright: 2013
Pages: 880
ISBN: 9781608074907

Although microwave mixers play a critical role in wireless communication and other microwave applications employing frequency conversion circuits, engineers find that most books on this subject emphasize theoretical aspects, rather than practical applications. That 's about to change with the forthcoming release of Microwave Mixer Technology and Applications. Based on a review of over one thousand patents on mixers and frequency conversion, authors Bert Henderson and Edmar Camargo have written a comprehensive book for mixer designers who want solid ideas for solving their own design challenges. Many of the important and most interesting patents and related circuits are discussed in the several application oriented chapters. In addition, important contributions from the technical literature are included to provide a solid theoretical foundation. This book contains both introductory and advanced material about active and passive mixers that use bipolar transistor, FET, or diode switching devices. Theory and design details are presented for dozens of important mixer designs, with practical application information derived from the authors' decades of experience.
Origins of Electronic Mixers - History of Radio Development. Single Ended Circuits. Singly Balanced Mixers. Doubly Balanced Star Circuit. Special Receiver Architectures. Harmonic Mixers. Self-Oscillating Balanced Mixers. Distributed Mixers. Summary. ; System Parameters and Performance - System Overview. Digital Modulation. Error Performance. Receiver Architectures. Mixer Linearity. Noise. Noise and Distortion in Communication Subsystems. Dynamic Range. Summary. ; Semiconductor Modeling - Modeling Schottky Diodes. Modeling Bipolar Transistors. Modeling Field Effect Transistors. Summary. ; Passive and Active Coupling Structures - Balun Structure. Marchand Balun. Microstrip Baluns. Lumped Elements. Slotline Type. Active Approach. 180¬8 Hybrid Couplers (Magic-T). Quadrature Hybrids. Summary. Appendices.; Diode Mixer Theory - History of Linear and Nonlinear Analysis. Linear Mixer Analysis. Frequency Conversion Matrix. Computer Simulation Example. Large Signal Conversion Analysis. Subharmonic Mixer. Balanced Diode Circuits. Mixer Circuit Synthesis. Summary. Appendices. ; Diode Applications - Single Ended. Singly Balanced. Doubly Balanced. Triply Balanced. Quadrature Mixers. Subharmonic Mixers. Summary. ; BJT Mixer Theory - Low Frequency Mixer. Conversion Matrix. Mixer Properties. Design Study: CDMA Down-Converter. Cascode Approach. Singly Balanced Mixer. Singly Balanced Subharmonic. Doubly Balanced Mixer. Design Study: WiFi 2.45 GHz Gilbert Mixer. Differential Triple Level. Doubly Balanced Subharmonic. Subharmonic Triple Level. Summary. Appendices. ; Bipolar Junction Transistor Applications - Single Ended. Parallel Combined Mixers. Integrated Circuit Topologies. Doubly Balanced. Image Reject. Subharmonic Topologies. Summary. ; FET Mixer Theory - Gate LO Injection. Source LO Injection. Drain LO Injection. Resistive Approach. Cascode Mixer. Singly Balanced. Doubly Balanced. Subharmonic Mixing. Distributed Mixers. Summary. Appendices. ; Passive FET Applications - Single Ended. Floating Approach. Singly Balanced. Doubly Balanced. Distributed GaAs Applications. Summary. ; Active FET Applications - Single Ended. Singly Balanced. Doubly Balanced. Subharmonic Approach. Self-Oscillating FET Mixer. Distributed Applications. Summary. ;
  • Edmar Camargo Edmar Camargo is a manager of MMIC design at Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor, Inc. He holds a Ph.D. and a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo.
  • Bert Henderson Bert Henderson is a distinguished fellow of technology with Cobham Sensor Systems. He earned his MSEE from University of California Berkeley. Edmar Camargo is currently a consultant in California's bay area. He earned his Ph.D. from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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