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Nonlinear Microwave and RF Circuits, Second Edition

Nonlinear Microwave and RF Circuits, Second Edition

By (author): Stephen A. Maas
Copyright: 2003
Pages: 608
ISBN: 9781580536110

This newly and thoroughly revised edition of the 1988 Artech House classic offers you a comprehensive, up-to-date treatment of nonlinear microwave and RF circuits. It gives you a current, in-depth understanding of the theory of nonlinear circuit analysis with a focus on Volterra-series and harmonic-balance methods. You get practical guidance in designing nonlinear circuits and modeling solid-state devices for nonlinear circuit analysis by computer. Moreover, you learn how characteristics of such models affect the analysis of these circuits. Critical new topics include microwave heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs), heterojunction FETs (HEMTs), silicon MOSFETs, modern IC design approaches, new methods of harmonic-balance analysis, multitone analysis methods, Fourier methods for multitone problems, and artificial frequency mapping. What's more, the second edition has been updated to include discussions on nonlinear analysis of oscillators and design issues relating to RF and wireless technology. More than 120 illustrations support key topics throughout the book.
Preface.; Introduction, Fundamental Concepts, and Definitions - Linearity and Nonlinearity. Frequency Generation. Nonlinear Phenomena. Approaches to Analysis. Power and Gain Definitions. Stability. ; Solid-State Device Modeling - Nonlinear Device Models. Nonlinear Lumped Circuit Elements and Controlled Sources. Numerical and Human Requirements for Device Models. Schottky-Barrier and Junction Diodes. FET Devices. Bipolar Devices. Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors. Thermal Modeling. Parameter Extraction. ; Harmonic-Balance Analysis - Harmonic Balance. Large-Signal/Small-Signal Analysis Using Conversion Matrices. Multitone Harmonic-Balance Analysis. Krylov and Inexact Newton Methods. Envelope Analysis. Multitone Harmonic-Balance Analysis; Volterra-Series and Power-Series Analysis - Power-Series Analysis. Volterra-Series Analysis. Intermodulation Distortion and Intercept Point. ; Balanced Circuits - Balanced Circuits Using Microwave Hybrids. Direct Interconnection of Microwave Components. ; Diode Mixers - Mixer Diodes. Nonlinear Analysis of Mixers. Single-Diode and Balanced Mixers. ; Diode Frequency Multipliers - Varactor Frequency Multipliers. Frequency Multipliers Using Step-Recovery Diodes. Resistive Diode Frequency Multipliers.; Small-Signal Amplifiers - Review of Linear Amplifier Theory. Nonlinear Analysis of Small-Signal Amplifiers. Optimizing the Linearity of Amplifiers. Optimizing BJT and HBT Amplifiers.; Power Amplifiers - Power Devices. Fundamental Considerations in Power-Amplifier Design. Design of Power Amplifiers. Efficiency and Distortion. HBT and FET Power Amplifiers.; Active Frequency Multipliers - Design Philosophy. Approximate Design of Active Frequency Multipliers. Harmonic-Balance Analysis of Active Frequency Multipliers. Other Aspects of Active Frequency-Multiplier Design. Practical Concerns.; Active Mixers - Approximate Design of Active Mixers. Nonlinear Analysis of Active Mixers. Design Examples. Dual-Gate FET Mixers. Balanced Active Mixers.; Oscillators - Classic Oscillator Theory. Nonlinear Analysis of Transistor Oscillators. Practical Aspects of Oscillator Design. Phase Noise. ; Index.;
  • Stephen A. Maas Stephen A. Maas is an independent consultant and the chief scientist of AWR Corporation. He earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from UCLA.
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