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Principles of Biomedical Engineering

Principles of Biomedical Engineering

By (author): Sundarajan Madihally
Copyright: 2010
Pages: 494
ISBN: 9781608070565

Describing the role of engineering in medicine today, this comprehensive volume covers a wide range of the most important topics in this burgeoning field. Supported with over 145 illustrations, the book discusses bioelectrical systems, mechanical analysis of biological tissues and organs, biomaterial selection, compartmental modeling, and biomedical instrumentation. Moreover, you find a thorough treatment of the concept of using living cells in various therapeutics and diagnostics. Structured as a complete text for students with some engineering background, the book also makes a valuable reference for professionals new to the bioengineering field. This authoritative textbook features numerous exercises and problems in each chapter to help ensure a solid understanding of the material.
Introduction - Overview. Roles of Bioengineers. History of Bioengineering. Literature Sources. ; Biotransport - Overview. Fundamental Factors. Diffusion. Osmosis. Transport Across Membranes. Transport of Macromolecules. ; Bioelectrical Phenomena - Overview. Membrane Potential. Electrical Equivalent Circuit. Volume Conductors. ; Biofluid Flow - Overview. Fluid Flow Characteristics. Nonidealities in Biological Systems. Conservation of Energy. Fluid Power. Optimization Principle for Fluid Transport. ; Biomechanics - Overview. Equations of Motion. Ideal Stress-Strain Characteristics. Nonidealities in Stress-Strain Characterization. Energy Conservation. ; Biomaterials - Overview. Types of Biomaterials. Material Characteristics. Physiological Responses to Biomaterials. Tissue Engineering. ; Cellular Engineering - Overview. Cellular Interactions. Cellular Processes. Bioreactors. Preservation of Cells and Tissues. ; Biomedical Imaging - Overview. Properties of Light. Interaction of Radiation with Matter. Basics of Imaging. Imaging Devices. ; Biosensors - Overview. Bioelectrodes. Biosensing Elements. Transducing Elements. Manufacturing Technology. Bioinformatics. ; Physiological Modeling - Overview. Compartmental Modeling. Special Cases of Compartmental Modeling. Modeling Diffusion-Limited Processes. ; Ethical, Legal, and Societal Aspects - Overview. Fundamentals of Bioethics. Research Involving Human Participants. Standards. Regulatory Agencies. ; About the Author. Index ;
  • Sundarajan Madihally Sundararajan V. Madihally is an associate professor in the school of chemical engineering at Oklahoma State University. He is also the faculty advisor for the OSU student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Wayne State University.
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