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Software Defined Radio for 3G

Software Defined Radio for 3G

By (author): Paul Burns
Copyright: 2002
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9781580538046

If you're a mobile communications engineer considering software radio solutions, this practical resource is essential reading. It covers systems design and partitioning all the way from the antenna to the management and control software. Various options for hardware are provided including a look at current and state of the art silicon technologies such as A/D & D/A's, DSP's, FPGA 's, RCP 's, ACM 's & digital frequency up/down-converters. The book covers both TDMA and CDMA based cellular radio systems with a special emphasis on how the technology can solve many of the problems faced by 3G. A chapter detailing software architecture summarizes the JTRS and SDRF proposals and discusses potential software radio languages. Special coverage of smart antenna technology is followed by an implementation of a low cost software radio using off the shelf components to give readers a great head start to the world of software radio. The book concludes with an overview of engineering design assistance software tools that are becoming so important for successful developments of embedded radio products.
What Is Software Radio And Why Should We Use It. A Basic Software Defined Radio Architecture. RF System Design. Analogue To Digital And Digital To Analogue Conversion. Digital Frequency Up And Down Conversion. Signal Processing Hardware Components. Software Architecture And Components. Applications For Wireless Systems. Smart Antennas Using Software Radio. Experimental Low Cost Software Radio Platform. Engineering Design Assistance Tools.
  • Paul Burns Paul Burns is President of Simplexity Communications an independent consultancy dedicated to Software Defined Radio. He is a member of the IEEE and received his Degree of Engineering in electronic engineering from the University of South Australia.
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