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Space Microelectronics Volume 2: Integrated Circuit Design for Space Applications

Space Microelectronics Volume 2: Integrated Circuit Design for Space Applications

Copyright: 2017
Pages: 720
ISBN: 9781630812591
List Price: $249.00

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This invaluable second volume of a two-volume set is filled with details about the integrated circuit design for space applications.  Various considerations for the selection and application of electronic components for designing spacecraft are discussed. The basic constructions of submicron transistors and schottky diodes during the technological process of production are explored.  This book provides details on the energy consumption minimization methods for microelectronic devices.


Specific topics include:


  • Features and physical mechanisms of the effect of space radiation on all the main classes of microcircuits, including peculiarities of radiation impact on submicron integrated circuits;
  • Special design, technology, and schematic methods of increasing the resistance to various types of space radiation;
  • Recommendations for choosing research equipment and methods for irradiating various samples;
  • Microcircuit designers on the composition of test elements for the study of the effect of radiation;
  • Microprocessors, circuit boards, logic microcircuits, digital, analog, digital–analog microcircuits manufactured in various technologies (bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS, SOI);
  • Problems involved with designing high speed microelectronic devices and systems based on SOS-and SOI-structures;
  • System-on-chip and system-in-package and methods for rejection of silicon microcircuits with hidden defects during mass production.

Considerations For Selection and Application of Foreign Electronic Component Base In Designing of Domestic Spacecrafts; Peculiarities of the Technological Process of Production and Basic Constructions of Submicron Transistors and Schottky Diodes; Energy Consumption Minimization Methods For Microelectronic Devices; Peculiarities of Radiation Impact on Submicron Integrated Circuits; Methods of Prediction and Increase of Radiation Tolerance of Bipolar and CMOS Integrated Microcircuits; Analysis of Problems of Designing Very-High-Speed Microelectronic Devices and Systems Based on Them; Designing Space Application Microcircuits Based on SOS-and SOI-Structures; System-On-Chip and System-In-Package; Methods for Rejection of Silicon Microcircuits with Hidden Defects During Mass Production.

  • Anatoly Belous

    is the director of the research and development center of Belmicrosystems and the director for science and prospective marketing of design of Integral Holding. He received his electronic engineering degree from Minsk Radio-Technical University.

  • Vitali Saladukha

    is the general manager of Integral Holding. He received his Ph.D. in radio-physics and electronics from Belarussian State University, Minsk.

  • Siarhei Shvedau

    is the director of the design center of integral Holding. He received his degree with a specialty in physics of semiconductors from Minsk Radio-Technical University.

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