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Strategic Software Production with Domain-Oriented Reuse

Strategic Software Production with Domain-Oriented Reuse

Copyright: 2000
Pages: 424
ISBN: 9781580531047

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This unique new book provides you with a systematic approach to creating and positioning reusable software components and products. The Domain Analysis methodology described in the book shows you how to use commonality and variability analysis in studying the market, coordinating with competitors, engineering new product, and minimizing risks. Software engineers and network designers learn how to analyze and define a space of variability on which new products can be based and positioned. Additionally, this book helps you understand how software products compare, how to market software reuse products, how to coordinate release of your product to profit from a competitor's release and pool groups of users, and how to maximize long-term marketing plans for your product. Real-world case studies illustrate applications of the methodologies described in the book, including Sherlock, a unique new method that binds domain analysis to market analysis and planning.
Introduction. Review and Extension of UML. Domain Analysis - The Definition. Domain Analysis - The State of the Art. Sherlock - It 's Activities and Deliverables. Domain Definition. Domain Characterization. Domain Scoping. Domain Modeling. Domain Framework Design. Domain Framework Development. Measuring the Reusability of Frameworks. Example of Sherlock Application. Case Studies. Conclusions. References. Appendices.
  • Paolo Predonzani
  • Giancarlo Succi
  • Tullio Vernazza
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