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Understanding Emerging Network Services Pricing and Regulation

Understanding Emerging Network Services Pricing and Regulation

By (author)s: Ed Pope, Leo A. Wrobel Jr.
Copyright: 1995
Pages: 205
ISBN: 9780890067901

Hardback $31.00
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You can get better service at lower cost by actively taking control of your network! Using simple, non-technical language, this practical guide steers you through the often complicated process of building private networks and using special facilities from local and interexchange telephone companies. Concrete, real-life examples are presented that will benefit anyone charged with charting and implementing corporate telecommunications plans or information technology policy.
The Beginning of the Networks. The Movers and the Shakers. Concepts of Carrier Regulation. Preparing Your Battle Plan. Steps Toward a Successful Custom Network. Taking Control Through Special Tariffs. Taking Control by Going to the PUC. Beyond the Future and Conclusions. Appendices.
  • Ed Pope
  • Leo A. Wrobel, Jr. Leo A. Wrobel is the CEO for b4Ci, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. An active author, lecturer and technical expert in the communications industry, he has written/co-written 11 books and over 500 trade articles. Mr. Wrobel holds degrees in telecommunications systems technology, electronic systems technology, and business and public policy.
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