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Understanding Network Technology: Concepts Terms and Trends Second Edition

Understanding Network Technology: Concepts Terms and Trends Second Edition

By (author): Mark Norris
Copyright: 1999
Pages: 344
ISBN: 9780890069981

Hardback $98.00 Qty:
Today's computers and networks offer you greater capabilities and competitive advantages than ever before - if you 're not slowed down and confused by technical acronyms and terms that can even boggle industry specialists at times! The new second edition of Understanding Networking Technology solves that problem by clearly and concisely explaining thousands of computing and telecommunications terms. What's more, this unique reference helps you put all the pieces together├╣ and acquire a practical understanding of the current state of communications and Information Technology through sections describing how networking technology has evolved and where it is likely to go in the years ahead. Whether you 're an outsider├╣ who simply needs a better understanding of what clients or colleagues are talking about, or an experienced communications professional who knows the value of a handy reference for clarifying seldom-used terms and improving your understanding of the IT big picture,├╣ Understanding Networking Technology, Second Edition is a must for your bookshelf. This completely updated and expanded edition includes: Hundreds of new terms, now extending into areas such as telecommunications protocols, computer network technology, and radio; A thoroughly updated analysis of IT trends, including developments in the Internet, growth in data networks, and the upsurge in global communication alliances. An essential reference for anyone purchasing, planning, designing or implementing information or communication systems, as well as telecommunication engineers, system analysts, and network software designers.
  • Mark Norris Mark Norris is a technical director of Norwest Communications, Suffolk, UK. He is the author of Mobile IP Technology for M-Business (Artech House, 2001), Understanding Networking Technology: Concepts, Terms, and Trends, Second Edition (Artech House, 1999) and Survival in the Software Jungle (Artech House, 1995); the co-editor of Systems Modeling for Business Process Improvement (Artech House, 2000); and the co-author of Component-Based Network System Engineering (Artech House, 2000).
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