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Wireless IP and Building the Mobile Internet

Wireless IP and Building the Mobile Internet

By (author)s: Sudhir Dixit, Ramjee Prasad
Copyright: 2002
Pages: 674
ISBN: 9781580533546

Hardback $140.00
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Written by today's leading experts in industry and academia, Wireless IP is the first book to take a comprehensive look at the convergence of wireless and Internet technologies that are giving rise to the mobile wireless Internet. This cutting-edge resource provides you with an overview of all the elements required to understand and develop future IP based wireless multimedia communications and services. The book shows you how to integrate the latest technologies in mobility, wireless, and the Internet to achieve workable end-to-end solutions. You get detailed coverage of wireless IP and its relationship with other mobile technologies such as GPRS and UMTS. Moreover, this essential reference features discussions on wireless IP evolution; quality of service; resource management; TCP/IP in wireless IP networks; handoff, mobility and signaling; and services and applications. Essential reading for practicing mobile communications engineers, designers, and engineering managers, the book is also easily adoptable as a text for graduate-level courses.
Part 1: Architecture and Evolution.; Introduction to Wireless IP - History of Wireless IP. Current Status. Important Aspects of the Technologies Involved. The Structure of the Book.; Strategies for Evolution to Wireless IP.; Wireless IP Communications with GPRS.; Integrated Services for IP Applications over UMTS Access Networks.; UTRAN Evolution to All IP.; Part 2: Performance and Quality of Service.; Radio Performance for Wireless IP Networks.; Radio Resource Utilization in WCDMA Multimedia Wireless IP Networks.; Packet Prioritization for Voice over Wireless IP Networks.; Performance of TCP/IP over Next Generation Broadband Wireless Access Networks.; Reliable Multicast Congestion Contrrol for TCP/IP in Heterogeneous (Wired/Wireless/Mobile) Networks.; Performance Analysis of 3G-IX EVDO High Data Rate System.; Content Delivery in Wireless IP Networks: A QoS Perspective.; Provisioning QoS in 3G Networks with RSVP Proxy.; Part 3: Mobility, Routing, and Signaling.; Micro-Mobility Management Using Host Based Routing.; Distributed versus Centralized Bandwidth Reservation Protocols for the Next Generation IP Based Integrated Cellular and Ad-Hoc Relay System.; IPv6Mobility Support on Lynx.; Reducing Link and Signaling Costs in Mobile IP.; Active Hierarchical Label Switching Router Architecture and Dynamic RSVP Support for MPEG-4 Based Multimedia Wireless Communications.; Part 4: Real-Time Applications.; Video Transcoding for Mobile Internet Access.; IP Telephony.; Part 5: Security.; On Security in Wireless IP Networks.; Secure Sockets Layer for Security in Wireless Handhelds.; Part 6: Architectural Imperatives for 4th Generation IP-Based Mobile Networks.;
  • Sudhir Dixit Sudir Dixit is a senior R & D and site manager at Nokia Research Center in Burlington, Massachusetts. He received his B.E. from Maulana Azad College, Bhopal, India, his M.E. from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India, and Ph.D. from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, all in electrical engineering. Dr. Dixit received his M.B.A. from the Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida.
  • Ramjee Prasad Ramjee Prasad is director of the Center for TeleInFrastruktur (CTIF), Aalborg University. He is the author of OFDM for Wireless Communications Systems (Artech House, 2004), coauthor of Applied Satellite Navigation Using GPS, GALILEO, and Augmentation Systems, Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communications, and WLANs and WPANs towards 4G Wireless, (Artech House, 2005, 2003, 2003), co-editor of Wireless IP and Building the Mobile Internet (Artech House, 2003), and is the author/coauthor of several other books published by Artech House.
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