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Wireless Internet Telecommunications

Wireless Internet Telecommunications

By (author): K. Daniel Wong
Copyright: 2004
Pages: 232
ISBN: 9781580537124

This comprehensive book gives you a hands-on understanding of the techniques and architectures being used to provide voice and data services over wireless networks. It serves as a unified how it works├╣ guide to wireless Internet telecommunications, systematically addressing each of the technological components and how they fit together. You get a clear picture of protocols like RTP for multimedia transport and SIP for session control signaling, and see what's being done to tackle tough challenges in QoS control, mobility management, and security in the wireless environment. The book discusses at length the cutting-edge IP Multimedia Sub-System (IMS) of UMTS to illustrate how each of these crucial components can be successfully implemented in a real-world wireless IP system. This one-stop resource also explains enhancements to the next generation of the Internet protocol (IPv6) that will offer greater support for wireless IP networks, and includes a look at future potential applications for wireless Internet communications. Supported by over 100 illustrations and packed with references for further research, this practical volume offers you an integrated perspective of the converging wireless and Internet technologies that will be indispensable to your work in the field.
Part One: Overview Introduction - An Exciting Future. Requirements. High-level Technology Assessment. Preview of the Book. Scope.; Components of the Internet - Short History. Routing. Protocols. Applications. Standards. ; Wireless Networks - Short History. Types of Wireless Networks. State of the Art. Challenges. Standards. ; Part Two: Relevant Internet Technologies ; Multimedia Transport - Requirements. Inadequacy of TCP, UDP. Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP); Session Control - Requirements. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). What SIP Facilitates. Traditional Telephony. SIP for Telephony. Related Protocols. ; Mobility - Requirements. Concepts of Mobility. Mobile IP. SIP for Mobility. Macro-Mobility vs. Micro-Mobility. Security and QoS Considerations. Inter-Domain Mobility. Miscellaneous Mobility-Related Topics. ; Quality of Service - Requirements. QoS Paradigms: IntServ, DiffServ. QoS Mechanisms. Designing QoS Differentiation. ; Security - Requirements. IPsec. AAA. Miscellaneous Security-Related Topics. ; IPv6 - Requirements. Shortcomings of IPv4. Design of IPv6. How IPv6 Supports Mobility. Continuing Challenges. ; Services, Applications and Other Miscellaneous Topics - The Revolution of Telecommunications. On Providing Services. Middleware. Applications of the Future. ; Part Three: IMS in UMTS Evolution from GSM to UMTS - Before GSM: 1st Generation Systems. GSM and 2nd Generation Systems. Requirements for 3G. UMTS. Comparison with cdma2000 Development. ; The IP Multimedia Sub-System (IMS) - Requirements. IMS Network Elements. IMS Procedures. Call Control. Mobility Management. ; Part Four: Looking Ahead Future Possibilities - Clashes of Philosophies. Technology Projections. What is 4G? ; Conclusions; Glossary. References.;
  • K. Daniel Wong Dr. K. Daniel Wong remains active in the wireless and Internet industries, even as he consults and teaches short courses via Daniel Wireless and heads IT training company IIHT Malaysia. He is also an adjunct associate professor at the Malaysia University of Science and Technology. Dr. Wong was awarded the Outstanding Young Malaysian award in Science and Technology by Junior Chamber International Malaysia in 2007.
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