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Cornell Drentea

Cornell Drentea is a technical consultant with over 40 years of hands-on experience in the aerospace, telecommunications, and electronics industries. He was previously a senior engineer/scientist at Hughes/Raytheon Systems and a technology leader at the Avionics and Corporate Divisions of Honeywell. He was involved in the design and development of complex terrestrial and satellite communications networks and has made significant contributions in the design and development of RF, radar, guidance, and communications systems at frequencies of up to 100 GHz. Mr. Drentea has developed several state-of-the-art RF products including ultrawideband-high probability of intercept (HPOI) receivers, complex synthesizers, multimodulation transmitters, and frequency agile deep-space transceivers. He holds five patents and has published over 80 professional technical papers and articles in national and international magazines.

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