Copyright: 1997
Pages: 376
ISBN: 9780890068151

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This up-to-date, comprehensive reference and planner 's guide presents an in-depth description of automated HF communications, considers the many phenomena that affect HF radio, and offers penetrating insight into new and future HF techniques, including: New information on automatic link establishment (ALE) technology; Advanced variable-transmission rate modems
  • Wideband (1 MHz) HF communications services; Automated HF networks as an extension of the Internet. Helpful chapter-end examples, 100 illustrations, and 135 equations make this an invaluable guide for communications engineers involved with the manufacture of HF radio and ancillary equipment. It draws on experts' knowledge to offer new approaches for establishing and maintaining an automated HF network, based on industry and governmental standards. It also serves as an excellent tutorial for graduate students and systems-level planners.
  • Table Of Contents
    1. High-Frequency Communication System Engineering: Wireless. High-Frequency Radio in the Global Information Infrastructure. High-Frequency Systems Engineering. High-Frequency System Design. 2. High-Frequency Sky-Wave Channels: Overview. Sky-Wave Propagation in a Benign Ionosphere. Sky-Wave Propagation in a Disturbed Ionosphere. Noise. Radio Interference. 3. High-Frequency Antennas: Narrowband Antennas. Broadband Antennas. Small High-Frequency Antennas. Environmental Effects. 4. Digital Modems for High-Frequency Radio: Traditional Design Approaches. Relative Merits of Contemporary Designs. Enhanced High-Frequency Modem Design. 5. Automatic Link Establishment Signal Structure: Linking Performance. ALE Word Format. Coding. World Synchronization. Addresses. ALE Frame Structure. 6. Automatic Link Establishment Protocols: Overview of ALE Operations. Channel Evaluation and Selection. Link Establishment. ALE Data Structures. ALE Orderwire Functions. Future Developments. 7. Linking Protection: Linking Protection Technique. Protection Interval Analysis. Performance Evaluation of Linking Protection. 8. The High-Frequency Data Link Protocol: Data Transfer Protocol. Message Management Protocol. Link Management Protocol. Timeouts. Broadcast Mode. ARQ Circuit Mode. Full-Duplex Operation. Adapting Data Rate. 9. High-Frequency Radio Networking: Automated Networking Technologies. An Example Implementation. Automated High-Frequency Network Management.


    • Stephen Cook
    • Robert I. Desourdis Robert Desourdis is vice president, Solution Architecture, Science Applications International Corporation. He earned his MS in electrical engineering from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute and M.S. from the technology and policy program at MIT.
    • Jens C. Ostergaard