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By (author): Maurice W. Long

Copyright: 1991
Pages: 546
ISBN: 9780890064917

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This comprehensive discussion of airborne early warning (AEW) system concepts encompasses a wide range of issues, including capabilities and limitations, developmental trends, and opportunities for improvement. With sections suited for both the specialist and the generalist, it provides broad coverage of AEW system concepts and enabling technologies. The text is supported by 202 equations and 170 illustrations.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. Operational Requirements - an AEW Controller Viewpoint. AEW Platforms. Radar Basics. Radar Targets, Clutter and Detection. AEW Radar Concepts. Automatic Target Tracking. Special Radar Issues. Adjunct Sensors and Mission Support Systems. Example AEW Electronics Systems. Aerostat Radar Systems. Target Recognition in AEW Systems. Appendixes. Index.


  • Maurice W. Long Maurice W. Long is a private radar consultant specializing in small target detection. While at Georgia Institute of Technology, he managed the development of a number of radar systems and held a variety of positions including principal research ingineer, professor of electrical engineering, and director of the Engineering Experiment Station (now Georgia Tech Research Institute). His university degrees include a BEE, an MS in Physics, and a PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MSEE from the University of Kentucky. On leave in 1996, he served as a liaison scientist with the U.S. Office of Naval Research, London, England. He is an IEEE Life Fellow, a member of the Academy of Electromagnetics, and his biography is profiled in various references including Who's Who in America.