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By (author)s: Craig Dobson, Fawwaz T. Ulaby

Copyright: 1989
Pages: 357
ISBN: 9780890063361

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The Handbook of Radar Scattering Statistics for Terrain packs two complete resources into one indispensable guide for remote sensing and radar system engineers. The text first presents detailed examinations of the statistical behavior of speckle when superimposed on nonuniform terrain. The Handbook of Radar Scattering Statistics for Terrain then supports system design and signal processing applications with a complete database of calibrated backscattering coefficients. Compiled over 30 years, the statistical summaries of radar backscatter from terrain offers you over 400,000 data points compiled in tabular format. With this text, you'll own the most comprehensive database of radar terrain scattering statistics ever compiled. Derived from measurements made by both airborne and ground-based scatterometer systems, the database includes information from 114 references. The text provides over 60 tables of backscatter data for 9 different surface categories, all derived under strict quality criteria. Rigorous standards for calibration accuracy, measurement precision, and category identification make the database the most reliable source for scattering statistics ever available.
Table Of Contents
Theory of Radar Scattering Statistics. Distribution Functions of the Backscattering Coefficient. Appendices: Each appendix gives you the following, L-Band Data, S-Band Data, C-Band Data, X-Band Data, Ku-Band Data, Ka-Band Data, W-Band Data. Appendix A: Backscatter Data for Soil and Rock Surfaces. Appendix B: Backscattering Data for Trees. Appendix C: Backscattering Data for Grasses. Appendix D: Backscattering Data for Shrubs. Appendix E: Backscattering Data for Short Vegetation. Appendix F: Backscattering Data for Road Surfaces. Appendix G: Backscattering Data for Urban Areas. Appendix H: Backscattering Data for Dry Snow. Appendix I: Backscattering Data for Wet Snow. References. Index.


  • Craig Dobson
  • Fawwaz T. Ulaby Fawwaz Ulaby is the Leith Distinguished University Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and former Vice President for Research (1999-2006) at the University of Michigan. He earned a B.S. degree in physics from the American University of Beirut (1964) and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin (1968).