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Adaptive Satellites Design for Space Applications

Adaptive Satellites Design for Space Applications

Copyright: 2020
Pages: 368
ISBN: 9781608076833
Coming Soon: Available 12/31/2020
List Price: $149.00

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This exciting resource describes the fundamentals of space satellite systems and various satellite programs and applications. The spacecraft modules and their corresponding subsystems that constitute them are discussed. Digitized-RF/microwave circuits, subsystems and systems integration technologies for adaptive multifunctional space systems design and development are presented, along with the main design considerations and contingencies for adaptive satellite system engineering. The book covers the utility of adaptive space systems, satellite categories, mission project elements, system engineering budgets, cost analysis and systems, and reliability and quality considerations.


The system engineering design and analysis for highly adaptive satellites (HASs) is explained, along with design methodology for highly adaptive satellites (HAS) systems engineering and the adaptive multifunctional architecture (AMA) concept for HAS development. Developed models for the conceptual design and validation of the mass and power budgets of HAS systems are included. The core bus module, payload module and the launch interface of HAS systems development are also covered, and case studies of HAS subsystems and payload engineering are provided. Mission design considerations, reconfigurable cooperative satellite constellations, electrical modes of spacecraft operations are considered. Operational times of space satellites and subsystems multicriteria optimization are presented. The book addresses contemporary space technology-related challenges and provides novel and cost-effective technological platforms for advancing the capabilities of future space systems.

Introduction; Adaptive Multifunctional Space Systems; Satellite System Engineering Margins; Adaptive Satellite System Design; Space Satellite Subsystems Analysis; Space Communication Link Engineering; Adaptive Small Satellite Mission Design; Production of Adaptive Small Satellites; Space Satellite Modelling and Experiment; The Future of Adaptive Satellites; Appendixes.

  • Sunday Cookey Ekpo
  • Danielle George
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