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Artech Access eBook Package:Communications & Network Engineering

Artech Access eBook Package:Communications & Network Engineering

Copyright: 2020
ISBN: 9781630811389

This one year subscription to our Artech Access online books platform includes 75 titles in Communications and Network engineering, including our latest and top-selling titles. This collection includes the following eBooks:


Performance Of TCP/IP Over ATM Networks
Understanding Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting
Wide-Area Data Network Performance Engineering
SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol
Managing Internet-Driven Change in International Telecommunications
Principles of Modern Communications Technology
Smart Card Security And Applications, Second Edition
Strategies for Success in the New Telecommunications Marketplace
ATM Interworking In Broadband Wireless Applications
Engineering Internet QoS
Next Generation Intelligent Networks
Telecommunications Cost Management
Telemetry Systems Engineering
Broadband Local Loops for High-Speed Access
Centrex or PBX: The Impact of IP
Digital Clocks for Synchronization and Communications
Gigabit Ethernet Technology And Applications
Home Networking Technologies and Standards
Installation and Maintenance of SDH/SONET, ATM, Xdsl, and Synchronization Networks
Introduction to Telecommunications Network Engineering
LANs to WANs: The Complete Management Guide
Mission-Critical Network Planning
Spectrum Wars: The Policy and Technology Debate
Telecommunications Technology Handbook, Second Edition
A Professional's Guide to Data Communication in a TCP/IP World
Customer-Centered Telecommunications Services Marketing
Deploying and Managing IP over WDM Networks
Open Source Software Law
Signaling and Switching for Packet Telephony
Programmable Networks for IP Service Deployment
Essentials of Modern Telecommunications Systems
Systems Reliability and Failure Prevention
Voice Over 802.11
SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol, Second Edition
The Great Telecom Meltdown
Implementing Value-Added Telecom Services
Introduction to Communication Systems Simulation
Digital Modulation Techniques, Second Edition
Understanding Voice over IP Security
Litigating with Electronically Stored Information
Power Line Communications in Practice
The Business Privacy Law Handbook
Disaster Recovery Planning for Communications and Critical Infrastructure
EMI Protection for Communication Systems
SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol, Third Edition
Understanding SIP Servlets 1.1
3D and HD Broadband Video Networking
Introduction to Communication Networks
Building the FirstNet Public Safety Broadband Network
Creating Value-Added Services and Applications for Converged Communications Networks
Telecommunictaion Networks for the Smart Grid
IoT Technical Challenges and Solutions
The ABCs of Fiber Optic Communication
Delay-Tolerant Satellite Networks
High-Efficiency Load Modulation Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications
The Technical Foundations of IoT
Third Networks and Services
Interference and Resource Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
From LTE to LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G
Software-Defined Radio for Engineers
Signal Digitization and Reconstruction in Digital Radios
Militrary Communications in the Future Battlefield
5G and Satellite Spectrum, Standards, and Scale
Design Solution for Wireless Sensor Networks in Extreme Environments
Multimedia Networking Technologies, Protocols, & Architectures
Anechoic Range Design for Electromagnetic Measurements
The VNA Applications Handbook
5G New Radio: Beyond Mobile Broadband
Introduction to OFDM Receiver Design and Simulation
Designing Delay-Tolerant Applications for Store-and-Forward Networks
Telecommunication Electronics
High-Power Radio Frequency Effects on Electronic Systems
Hybrid Wireless-Power Line Communication for Indoor IoT Networks
Implementing Full Duplexing for 5G
Location Based Services in Cellular Networks: from GSM to 5G NR

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