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Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antennas
Biswajeet Mukherjee, Monika Chauhan

Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antennas
Raghvendra Kumar Chaudhary, Rajkishor Kumar, Rakesh Chowdhury

Antenna-on-Chip: Design, Challenges, and Opportunities
Hammad M. Cheema, Fatima Khalid, Atif Shamim

Reconfigurable Antenna Design and Analysis
Mohammod Ali

Machine Learning Applications in Electromagnetics and Antenna Array Processing
Manel Martínez-Ramon, Arjun Gupta, Jose Luis Rojo-Alvarez

Radio Wave Propagation Fundamentals, Second Edition
Artem Saakian

Plasma Antennas, Second Edition
Theodore Anderson

Practical Antenna Design for Wireless Products
Henry Lau

Practical Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design
Anil Pandey

Systems Engineering of Phased Arrays
Rick Sturdivant, Clifton Quan, Enson Chang

Handbook of Antennas for EMC, Second Edition
Thereza M. MacNamara, John McAuley

Antennas for Small Mobile Terminals
Kyohei Fujimoto, Koichi Ito

Design and Applications of Active Integrated Antennas
Mohammad S. Sharawi, Oualid Hammi

Electromagnetics and Antenna Technology
Alan J. Fenn

Phased Array Antenna Handbook, Third Edition
Robert J. Mailloux

Ultrawideband Short-Pulse Radio Systems
Vladimir I. Koshelev, Victor P. Belichenko, Yury I. Buyanov

Antenna Design for Cognitive Radio
Christos Christodoulou, Joseph Costantine, Youssef Tawk

The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas, Second Edition
Hans Schantz

Foundations of Antenna Engineering A Unified Approach for Line-of -Sight and Multipath
Per-Simon Kildal

Ultrawideband Antennas for Microwave Imaging Systems
Gijo Augustin, Tayeb Denidni

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