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Principles of Biomedical Engineering, Second Edition
Sundarajan Madihally

Fiber-Optic Sensors for Biomedical Applications
Daniele Tosi, Guido Perrone

Equipment Health Monitoring in Complex Systems
Stephen P. King, Andrew R. Mills, Visakan Kadirkamanathan, Dave A. Clifton

Medical Device Software Verification, Validation, and Compliance
David A. Vogel

Methods in Bioengineering: Organ Preservation and Reengineering
Charles Y. Lee, Korkut Uygun

Telemedicine for Trauma, Emergencies, and Disaster Management
Xinping Huang, Henry Leung, Zhiwen Zhu

Medical Device Data and Modeling for Clinical Decision Making
John Zaleski

Electrostimulation: Theory, Applications, and Computational Model
Alan Diamant, J. Patrick Reilly

Methods in Bioengineering: Alternative Technologies to Animal Testing
Tim Maguire, Eric Novik

Methods in Bioengineering: Systems Analysis of Biological Networks
Juergen Hahn, Arul Jayaraman

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