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Reconfigurable Antenna Design and Analysis
Mohammod Ali

All Source Positioning, Navigation and Timing
Rongsheng (Ken) Li

Implementing e-Navigation
John Erik Hagen

Understanding GPS/GNSS: Principles and Applications, Third Edition
Elliott D. Kaplan, Christopher Hegarty, Editors

Wireless Positioning Technologies and Applications, Second Edition
Alan Bensky

RF Positioning: Fundamentals, Applications and Tools
Rafael Saraiva Campos, Lisandro Lovisolo

GNSS Interference Threats and Countermeasures
Fabio Dovis, Editor

Geospatial Computing in Mobile Devices
Ruizhi Chen, Robert E. Guinness

Principles of GNSS, Inertial, and Multisensor Integrated Navigation Systems, Second Edition
Paul D. Groves

GPS/GNSS Antennas
Robert Fante, Waldemar Kunysz, B. Rama Rao

Robotic Navigation and Mapping with Radar
Martin Adams, Ebi Jose, Ba-Ngu Vo

GNSS for Vehicle Control
David M. Bevly, Stewart Cobb

MEMS-based Integrated Navigation
Priyanka Aggarwal, Naser El-Sheimy, Aboelmagd Noureldin, Zainab Syed

Navigation Signal Processing for GNSS Software Receivers
Thomas Pany

Inertial Navigation Systems Analysis
Kenneth Britting

Server-Side GPS and Assisted-GPS in Java
Neil Harper

GNSS Applications and Methods
Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, Scott Gleason

A-GPS: Assisted GPS, GNSS, and SBAS
Frank Van Diggelen

Ubiquitous Positioning
Robin Mannings

Radionavigation Systems
Borje Forssell

Spread Spectrum Systems for GNSS and Wireless Communications
Jack K. Holmes

GNSS Markets and Applications
Leonard Jacobson

Introduction to GPS, Second Edition The Global Positioning System
Ahmed El-Rabbany

GNSS Receivers for Weak Signals
Nesreen I. Ziedan

Applied Satellite Navigation Using GPS, GALILEO, and Augmentation Systems
Ramjee Prasad, Marina Ruggieri

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