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Bogatin's Practical Guide to Prototype Breadboard and PCB Design
Eric Bogatin

Nonlinear Design: FETs and HEMTs
Peter H. Ladbrooke

A Hands-On Guide to Designing Embedded Systems
Adam Taylor, Dan Binnun, Saket Srivastava

PCB Design Guide to Via and Trace Currents and Temperatures
Douglas Brooks, Johannes Adam

Wired and Wireless Seamless Access System for Public Infrastructure
Tetsuya Kawanishi

RF Circuits and Applications for Practicing Engineers
Mouqun Dong

Practical Transmission Line Design and Measurement, Part 1: Lossless Single-Ended Transmission Lines
Eric Bogatin

High-Power Electromagnetic Effects on Electronic Systems
D.V. Giri, Richard Hoad, Frank Sabath

Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Vacuum Electron Devices: Inductive Output Tubes, Klystrons, Traveling-Wave Tubes, Magnetrons, Crossed-Field Amplifiers, and Gyrotrons
A.S. Gilmour Jr.

Parameter Extraction and Complex Nonlinear Transistor Models
Gunter Kompa

Principles of RF and Microwave Design
Matthew A. Morgan

The VNA Applications Handbook
Gregory Bonaguide, Neil Jarvis

Anechoic Range Design For Electromagnetic Measurements
Vince Rodriguez

Technologies for RF Systems
Terry Edwards

Microwave Power Amplifier Design with MMIC Modules
Howard Hausman

Microwave Imaging Methods and Applications
Matteo Pastorino Andrea Randazzo

Vertical GaN and SiC Power Devices
Kazuhiro Mochizuki

Frequency Measurement Technology
Ignacio Llamas-Garro, Marcos Tavares de Melo, Jung-Mu Kim

Reflectionless Filters
Matthew A. Morgan

High-Efficiency Load Modulation Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications
Zhancang Wang

Modern RF and Microwave Filter Design
Prakash Bhartia and Protap Pramanick

Microwave Material Applications: Device Miniaturization and Integration
David B. Cruickshank

Spin Transfer Torque (STT) Based Devices, Circuits, and Memory
Brajesh Kumar Kaushik and Shivam Verma

An Introduction to Packet Microwave Systems and Technologies
Paolo Volpato

On-Wafer Microwave Measurements and De-embedding
Errikos Lourandakis