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Electrical Product Compliance and Safety Engineering - Volume 2
Steli Loznen, Constantin Bolintineanu

Practical Reliability Data Analysis for Non-Reliability Engineers
Darcy Brooker, Mark Gerand

Practical Project Management for Engineers
Nehal Patel

Practical Model-Based Systems Engineering
Jose L. Fernandez, Carlos Hernandez

From Engineer to Manager: Mastering the Transition, Second Edition
B. Michael Aucoin

Mastering Technical Sales: The Sales Engineer’s Handbook, Third Edition
John Care, Aron Bohlig

Critical Chain Project Management, Third Edition
Lawrence P. Leach

The Project Management Communications Toolkit, Second Edition
Carl Pritchard

Enterprise Release Management Agile Delivery of a Strategic Change Portfolio
Louis Taborda

Workflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development, Second Edition
Patrick McDermott, Alec Sharp

Practical Insight to CMMI, Second Edition
Tim Kasse

IT Project Portfolio Management
Stephen S. Bonham

Project Management Process Improvement
Robert K. Wysocki

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