b'Vertical GaN and SiC Power Devices Designing Control Loops for LinearKazuhiro Mochizuki and Switching Power Supplies:This unique resource provides you with a thorough A Tutorial Guideintroduction to vertical gallium nitride (GaN) and Christophe Bassosilicon carbide (SiC) power devices using real device Rather than delving into extensive theory, thisdata and physical models. Comparing and contrasting practical book focuses on what you really need tothese technologies, the book uses clear examples from know for compensating or stabilizing a given controlrecent years and presents the design features of various system. You can turn instantly to practical sectionsGaN and SiC power devices. Vertical versus lateral with numerous design examples and ready-madepower semiconductor devices are also explored based formulas to help you with your projects in the field.on real commercial device data. The abstract concepts You also find coverage of the underpinnings andof solid state physics as they relate to solid state principles of control loops so you can gain a moredevices are explained with particular emphasis on complete understanding of the material.power solid-state devices. Details about the effects This authoritative volume explains how to conductof photon recycling are explained, presenting you with analysis of control systems and provides extensivea with a greater understanding of state-of-the-art GaN details on practical compensators. It helps youbipolar devices. This book offers in-depth coverage of measure your system, showing how to verify ifbulk crystal growth of GaN, including hydride vapor-phase a prototype is stable and features enough designepitaxial (HVPE) growth, high-pressure nitrogen margin. Moreover, you learn how to securesolution growth, sodium-flux growth, ammonothermalhigh-volume production by bench-verifiedgrowth, and sublimation growth of SiC. safety margins. 336 pp.2018eBook ISBN: 978-1-63081-429-8$84.50 590 pp.2015eBook ISBN: 978-1-63081-706-0$69.50Print ISBN: 978-1-63081-427-4$169Print ISBN: 978-1-60807-557-7$139 IoT Technical Challenges and SolutionsIntroduction to Power ElectronicsArpan Pal and Balamuralidhar Purushothaman Paul H. ChappellThis practical resource highlights the systematic The subject of power electronics is concerned withproblems Internet of Things is encountering on its solid state devices for the control and conversion ofjourney to mass adoption. You are offered solutions electrical power. These silicon devices are designedto key questions about IoT systems today, including mainly for switching the transfer current from onepotential network scalability issues, storage, and part of an electrical circuit to another. Power electronics computing. Security and privacy are explored and has a wide range of applications from the small systems the value of sensor-collected data is explained. used in electrical appliances to very large systems forCosts of deployment and transformation are covered the supply and distribution of electricity. Although itand the model-driven deployment of IoT systems can be difficult to completely define where the boundary is explored. Presenting a pragmatic real-world approach lies between electronics and power electronics, thisto IoT, this book covers technology components such resource succeeds at breaking down the discipline. as communication, computing, storage and mobility, Containing the useful concepts and building blocks that as well as business insights and social implications. go into making a power converter operate successfully, 208 pp.2016eBook ISBN: 978-1-63081-437-3$59.50 this book provides a description of the characteristicsPrint ISBN: 978-1-63081-111-2$119 of different types of power semiconductor devices and their application to power converter circuits. Applications to power transmission, electric drives,Power Systems State Estimationand medical equipment are included to illustrateMukhtar Ahmad the wide range of power electronics in both smalland high power circuits. This valuable resource provides thorough coverage 204 pp.2013eBook ISBN: 978-1-60807-720-5$60 of this area, helping professionals overcome challenges Print ISBN: 978-1-60807-719-9$73 involving system quality, reliability, security, stability,and economy. Engineers are introduced to new techniques for their work in the field, including current measurements and phasor measurement units. Moreover, the bookincludes a novel discussion on state estimation fordistributed systems. Professionals find expert guidancefor their current projects and discover cutting-edgedevelopments that will help prepare them for workwith future energy management systems. 208 pp.2012eBook ISBN: 978-1-60807-512-6$65.50Print ISBN: 978-1-60807-511-9$131EXCLUSIVE 25% OFF NEW RELEASES. DISCOUNT SHOWN ON WEBSITE. NO CODE NEEDED 15% OFF ALL OTHER TITLES. USE PROMO CODE 20C99. EXPIRES 5/31/20. PLUS FREE SHIPPINGCannot be combined with any other discount offers'