b'JUST PUBLISHED! Micro and Nano Energy Harvesting TechnologiesElectric System Operations: Evolving Chengkuo Lee, Jingquan Liu, Huicong Liu,to the Modern Grid, Second Edition and Bin Yang Subramanian Vadari This book presents fundamental physics, theoreticalThis completely updated second edition includes casedesign, and method of modeling for four mainstreamstudies and a focus on the business of system operations.energy harvesting mechanisms - piezoelectric,The broad range of actions under system operations electromagnetic, electrostatic, and triboelectric.from transmission to distribution are explored.Readers are provided with a comprehensive technical The underpinnings of electric systems operations arereview and historical view of each mechanism.highlighted, with an introduction to utilities and The authors also present current challenges in energypower systems. It offers a thorough definition of system harvesting technology, technical reviews, designoperations, identifying and explaining the various requirements, case studies, along with unique andsystems that support this function and how they representative examples of energy harvester applications.integrate into the utility. 306 pp.2014eBook ISBN: 978-1-60807-815-8$93290 pp.2020eBook ISBN: 978-1-63081-689-6$69.50Print ISBN: 978-1-60807-814-1$186Print ISBN:978-1-63081-688-9$139Plug-in Electric Vehicle Grid IntegrationApplications of Energy Harvesting Islam Safak Bayram and Ali TajerTechnologies in BuildingsThis authoritative resource introduces you toJoseph W. Matiko and Stephen P. Beeby plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), energy storage, andconverter technology. The architecture for sustainable 2020 This timely resource explores the available energy charging infrastructures and capacity planning of smallsources within commercial and residential buildings scale fast charging stations are explored. This bookand the available technologies for energy harvesting. highlights how PEVS provide services to the grid andEnergy harvesting within built environments is presentedhow to build and design sustainable transportationusing strong research and commercial examples. systems. Time-saving MATLAB code is included.This book includes clear and concise case studies on 276 pp.2017eBook ISBN: 978-1-63081-473-1$74.50solar cell powered sensor nodes for emotion monitoring Print ISBN: 978-1-63081-051-1$149systems in ambient assistive living environments and inductive/RF power transfers. Thermoelectric energyharvesting and power management circuit design,airflow and vibration energy harvesting is also explored.Big Data Analytics forThe book concludes with a look at the future of Connected Vehicles and Smart Citiesenergy harvesting in buildings.Bob McQueen230 pp.2017eBook ISBN: 978-1-60807-410-6$74.50 This practical book presents you with the applicationPrint ISBN: 978-1-60807-981-0$104 of big data analytics to connected vehicles, smart cities, and transportation systems. This book enables youto understand how data analytics can and will expand A Whole-System Approach the design and engineering of connected vehicles and to High Performance Green Buildingssmart cities. You will find extensive case studies andDavid Strong and Victoria Burrows examples that provide a strong framework focusingThis hands-on guide features global case studies withon the practical application of data sciences and analytic practical examples of both successful and unsuccess- tools for actual projects in the field.Readers learnful designs. The whole system approach to integratedhow smart cities impact the application of advanced design is clearly presented. This book includes insighttechnologies in urban areas. This book explains how into designing for the future, including design qualityrecently passed transportation legislation for theand future proofing, intelligent buildings, and wholeUS has a specific emphasis on the use of data forlife value. Nature inspired sustainable designs that canperformance management. be mimicked in the construction industry are presented.280 pp.2017eBook ISBN: 978-1-63081-474-8$69.50 Technical challenges such as energy efficiency, design,Print ISBN: 978-1-63081-321-5$139and computer modeling are explored along withvarious construction phase opportunities. Synergies for Sustainable Energy300 pp.2018eBook ISBN: 978-1-63081-441-0$42.50Elvin Yuzugullu Print ISBN: 978-1-60807-959-9$62Heres a one-stop volume that addresses the complete range of clean energy technologies and associated issues. Advanced Technology for Smart Buildings The book highlights synergistic opportunities, showingJames Sinopoli you how energy efforts in different sectors can beThis book speaks to the innovation of advanced integrated to leverage each one s strength. Moreover,technology, particularly information technology within you discover what these opportunities mean at local, the building industry today and explores the potential regional, and global scales, and learn how differentbenefits and issues with advanced technology and stakeholder priorities can be managed. You get a global its applications and presents practical real-world case snapshot of critical energy considerations, includingstudies. This book demonstrates that the penetration the status of resources, consumption trends, technologyof information technology in the building industry development and learn how these factors are effectedis a long term, major development that will affect by related social, political, and environmental issues.homes, offices, and other buildings. Smart technology You are guided through each of the various clean energy will impact the automation and communications technologies, gaining knowledge of important facts,in existing and new building systems.technology basics, key players, markets, relevant analyses and results, and challenges and opportunities. 222 pp.2016eBook ISBN: 978-1-63081-372-7$79.50 220 pp.2013eBook ISBN: 978-1-60807-544-7$59.50 Print ISBN: 978-1-60807-865-3$159 Print ISBN: 978-1-60807-543-0$119'