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Emerging Deep Learning Applications of Short Range Radars

Emerging Deep Learning Applications of Short Range Radars

By (author): Avik Santra
Copyright: 2020
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9781630817466
Coming Soon: Available 08/31/2020
List Price: $179.00

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This exciting new resource covers various emerging applications of short range radars, including people counting and tracking, gesture sensing, human activity recognition, air-drawing, material classification, object classification, vital sensing by extracting features such as range-Doppler Images (RDI), range-cross range images, Doppler Spectrogram or directly feeding raw ADC data to the classifiers. The book also presents how deep learning architectures are replacing conventional radar signal processing pipelines enabling new applications and results. It describes how deep convolutional neural networks (DCNN), long-short term memory (LSTM), feedforward networks, regularization, optimization algorithms, connectionist temporal classification (CTC) are enabling these applications.

Introduction to Short Range Radars; Vital Sensing & Occupancy Sensing; Material Classification; Gesture Sensing; Air Writing/Drawing; Human Activity Classification; People Counting and Tracking; Dooring & Street Lighting (Pedestrian/Bike/Car classification); Other Applications.

  • Avik Santra
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