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Engineering Optical Networks

Engineering Optical Networks

By (author): Sudhir Warier
Copyright: 2017
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9781630814472

Hardback $159.00 Qty:

Written by a leading expert in the field, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental concepts of transport and data networks. This resource examines backbone network architectures and functions. The evolution, key components, and techniques of telecommunication networks are presented, including voice and data transmission, fiber optic communication and optical link design. This book explores the photonic network architecture and includes chapters on transport networks, synchronous optical networks, optical transport networks, and dense wavelength division multiplexing.


Professionals are brought up-to-speed with the applications and architecture of next generation photonic networks, and are provided with references for all applicable standards. This book offers insight into reality technologies, including virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed relativity, and telecommunication infrastructure challenges. Details on the photonic circuit switched network architecture and photonic packet switched core network are presented. The book concludes with a full treatment of the virtualization and software defined networking ecosystem as well as a discussion on future developments.

Part 1–Introduction to Telecom Networks; Telecommunication Networks- Evolution, Key Components & Techniques; Voice and Data Transmission; Fiber Optic Communication Fundamentals; Optical Link Design; Part 2– Photonic Network Architecture; Transport Networks–A Prologue; Synchronous Optical Networks; Optical Transport Networks; Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing; Part 3–Next Generation Photonic Networks- Applications & Architecture; Photonic Circuit Switched Network Architecture; Photonic Packet Switched Core Network; Understanding Reality Technologies; Virtualization and Software Defined Networking Ecosystem.

  • Sudhir Warier

    is a principal mentor at Cognitio. He received his chartered engineering degree from IETE and his M.S. Philosophy from Alagappa University, his Master of Financial Management from Pondicherry University and his B.S. in electronics and telecommunications engineering from Karnatak University.

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