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How to Become an IT Architect

How to Become an IT Architect

By (author): Cristian Bojinca
Pages: 300
ISBN: 9781630811464

Hardback $83.00 Qty:
This one-of-a-kind new resource introduces IT architecture to professionals looking for guidance to embark on the successful path to become an IT architect. This book defines the various types of IT architecture in the industry and highlights the rewards of becoming an architect as well as explores the details of the deliverables, project structure, and how to approach their creation. This book explores performance competencies by discussing T-shape personality traits, leadership qualities, and communication skills as well as highlights various backgrounds suitable for different types of architect positions. This book includes professional guidance for employers to ensure they hire the best architects, focusing on their value within the organization. Important discussions of the future of IT architecture are explored including current constraints in the field, drivers for change, and evolving required skills. A glossary of terms used in the IT architecture field is also included.
What is an IT Architect; Why becoming an Architect is a great job; Technical Knowledge; The “soft’ background of an IT Architect; How to Start-The Road to Becoming an Architect; Architecture Specific Knowledge; Deliverables produced by an Architect; How does Architecture bring value to an organization?; How to get the job; The future of IT Architecture.
  • Cristian Bojinca Cristian Bojinca currently is an enterprise solution architect at TMX Group. He is MSCE, SCEA, TOGAF and ITIL certified and a member for the Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA).
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