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Introduction to Power Electronics

Introduction to Power Electronics

By (author): Paul H. Chappell
Copyright: 2013
Pages: 204
ISBN: 9781608077199

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The subject of power electronics is concerned with solid state devices for the control and conversion of electrical power. These silicon devices are designed mainly for switching the transfer current from one part of an electrical circuit to another. Power electronics has a wide range of applications from the small systems used in electrical appliances to very large systems for the supply and distribution of electricity. Although it can be difficult to completely define where the boundary lies between electronics and power electronics, this resource succeeds at breaking down the discipline. Containing the useful concepts and building blocks that go into making a power converter operate successfully, this book provides a description of the characteristics of different types of power semiconductor devices and their application to power converter circuits. Applications to power transmission, electric drives, and medical equipment are included to illustrate the wide range of power electronics in both small and high power circuits.
Introduction - Power Semiconductor Devices. Power Conversion. Passive Components. Parameters and Analysis of Waveforms. Ideal Power Device. Practical Device. Sources of Information. ; Diode - Ideal Characteristic of a Diode. Simple Diode Model. Diode Model. Power Dissipation. Free-Wheeling Diode (Fly-Wheel). Zener Diode. Schottky Diode. ; Thyristor - Gate Isolation Circuit. Snubber. Natural Commutation. Single-Phase AC Supply with Single-Gate Pulse Applied to a Thyristor and Resistive Load. Single-Phase Supply with Single-Gate Pulse Applied to a Thyristor and Inductance Load. Forced Commutation. Triac. Gate Turn-Off Thyristors. ; Transistors - Safe Operating Area. Snubber. Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. Guide to Power Level and Frequency.; Heating and Cooling - Thermal Resistance. Equivalent Circuit. Transient Thermal Resistance. ; Phase-Controlled Thyristor Converters and Diode Rectifiers - Phase-Controlled AC Thyristor Converter. Single-Phase Converter. Three-Phase Converter. Overlap. Inversion. Power Systems. DC Motor Drive. ; Cycloconverter - Single-Phase Cycloconverter. Three-Phase Cycloconverter. ; Inverter - Single-Phase Inverter. Three-Phase Inverter.; DC-to-DC Converters - Inductive Load. DC Machine. Regeneration. Step-Up and Step-Down DC-to-DC Converters. Step-Down (Buck) Converter. Step-Up (Boost) Converter.; Systems and Methods - Logic Switching. Defibrillator and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator. Synchronization to an AC Supply. Measurement of Current and Voltage. Lowpass Filter. Circuit Protection. Fourier Series. AC Line Transient Suppression. Efficiency of DC Converters. Chaotic Behavior in Diode Circuits.;
  • Paul H. Chappell Paul H. Chappell is a faculty of physical and applied sciences at the University of Southampton. He earned his Ph.D from the University of Southampton.
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