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Medical Device Cybersecurity: A Guide for Engineers and Manufacturers

Medical Device Cybersecurity: A Guide for Engineers and Manufacturers

Copyright: 2020
Pages: 260
ISBN: 9781630818159
Coming Soon: Available 08/31/2020
List Price: $159.00

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This comprehensive book provides a complete guide for medical device manufacturers seeking to implement lifecycle processes that secure their premarket and postmarket activities. This step-by-step book educates manufacturers about the implementation of security best practices in accord with industry standards and expectations, advising the reader about everything from high-level concepts to real-world solutions and tools. It walks the reader through the security aspects of every lifecycle phase of the product, including concept; design; implementation; supply chain; manufacturing; postmarket; maintenance; and end of life. It details the practices, processes, and outputs necessary to create a secure medical device capable of gaining regulatory approval and meeting market entry requirements.

Why Secure Medical Devices?; Establishing Cybersecurity Focus – Introduction; MDM Development Lifecycle; MDM Maintenance Cycle; Health Delivery Organization Lifecycle; Documentation and Artifacts; Roles and Responsibilities; Security Technology - Select Topics; Select Topics/Deep Dives; Appendix.

  • Axel Wirth
  • Christopher Gates
  • Jason Smith
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