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Microwave Radio Transmission Design Guide, Second Edition

Microwave Radio Transmission Design Guide, Second Edition

By (author): Trevor Manning
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 350
ISBN: 9781596934566

Hardback $131.00 Qty:
This newly revised edition of the classic Artech House book, Microwave Radio Transmission Design, provides a current, comprehensive treatment of the subject with a focus on applying practical knowledge to real-world networks. The second edition includes a wealth of important updates, including discussions on backhaul capacity limitations, ethernet over radio, details on the latest cellular radio standards (2.5G, 3G, and 4G). You also learn about recent changes in spectrum management, including the availability of unlicensed bands and new mm band frequencies between 70 and 90 GHz. Additionally, you find more details on the fundamentals of antennas, especially at VHF/UHF levels. Written in an easy-to-understand style, the author provides practical guidelines based on hands-on experience. You find valuable assistance in designing and planning SDH/SONET broadband networks, wireless local loop networks, and backhaul for mobile radio networks. Moreover, this authoritative volume covers frequency planning for radio networks, digital radio equipment characteristics, and fading in radio systems. Using practical case studies, Microwave Radio Transmission Design Guide, Second Edition gives you proven advice that helps you save time and money when developing new networks, and reduces your risk of encountering problems during design and planning.
Foreword ; Preface ; Introduction - History of Wireless Telecommunications. What Is Microwave Radio? Why Radio? Microwave Applications. Planning Process. ; Link Planning - Establish the Planning Brief. Initial Planning. Path Profiles. Radio Repeaters. Radio Surveys. Frequency Considerations.; Reliability Standards -Introduction. What Do I Aim For? Hypothetical Reference Path. Unavailability Standards. Performance Standards. Real-World Conclusions.; Transport Technologies -Introduction. The Backhaul Transmission System. Transport Technology Options. Network Synchronization.; Radio Equipment Characteristics -Introduction. Basic Radio System Block Diagram. Primary Multiplex. Muldem (Secondary Multiplexing and Services). Modem. Transceivers. Branching. Equipment Characteristics. Power Details. Environmental Considerations. Equipment Type Approvals. ; Microwave Propagation - Atmospheric Effects on Propagation. Free-Space Propagation. Power Budget. Fading of Microwave Links.; Antenna Considerations - Antenna Fundamentals. Antenna Characteristics. Types of Antenna. Feeder Characteristics. Antenna System Accessories. Installation Practices.; Frequency Planning - Frequency Regulation. What Is Interference? Frequency Channel Planning. Frequency Reuse. Antenna Considerations. Intermodulation Products.; Link Design -Introduction. Diffraction Loss and Antenna Heights. Multipath Fading Outages. Rain Fading. Reflection Analysis. Interference Analysis. Passive Repeater Outage. Total Outage. Countermeasures. Real-World Link Design Tutorial.; Appendix: Useful Formulae. List of Acronyms and Abbreviations. About the Author. Index ;
  • Trevor Manning Trevor Manning is a director at TMC Global in Northampton, Northants, UK. He holds a B.Sc. in electronics engineering from Natal (Durban) University in South Africa.
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