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Named Data Networking: Architecture and Applications

Named Data Networking: Architecture and Applications

Copyright: 2020
Pages: 210
ISBN: 9781630816469
Coming Soon: Available 11/30/2020
List Price: $119.00

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The Named Data Networks (NDN) community has grown to hundreds of researchers and engineers from at least forty countries and has influential networking and computing vendors behind it who are slowly adopting some of the NDN components into their equipment. This book describes the design of NDN and how it compares to today’s TCP/IP-based legacy networks. It identifies where NDN can be applied today and where it will be considered in the future. The reader will be able to have a firm grasp on how NDN works, how it can be applied in practice, and all the available NDN tools and resources that have been built by the NDN community. This book will offer significant value to network engineers and technical professionals who will build the fundamental components and applications of Named Data Networks.

Introduction; Overview of NDN; Naming in NDN; NDN Security Services; Data Transport; In-network Storage; Routing, Forwarding, and mobility support; Link Adaptation; NDN Deployment Roadmap; Application of NDN.

  • Alex Afanasyev
  • Tamer Refaei
  • Lan Wang
  • Lixia Zhang
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