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By (author)s: Honglei Chen, Rick Gentile
Copyright: 2020
Coming Soon: Available 10/31/2020
List Price: $168.00

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This exciting new resource covers the simulation and design phased array radars as well as generate test data for verification. Readers will learn how to perform phased array modelling and design spatial signal processing algorithms. Closed loop simulations that are responsive to what is happening in the radar field of view are presented. Using MATLAB and Simulink, readers will learn how each subsystem of a phased array radar system can be modeled and how the subsystems can be integrated to perform system simulations at the desired level of fidelity.

Introduction; Radar System Overview; Radar Waveform; Phased Array Antenna; Propagation Target Modelling (including Micro-Doppler); Detection and Estimation; Beamforming; STAP (including clutter and interference); Multi-object Tracking; Special Topics: Polarization, MIMO Radar, Multifunction Radar; Summary.

  • Honglei Chen
  • Rick Gentile
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