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The Complete Wireless Communications Professional: A Guide for Engineers and Managers

The Complete Wireless Communications Professional: A Guide for Engineers and Managers

By (author): William Webb
Copyright: 1999
Pages: 424
ISBN: 9780890063385

Hardback $64.00 Qty:
Career success for today's wireless engineer or manager requires a well-rounded understanding of the wireless communication business, combined with finely tuned career development skills. The Complete Wireless Communications Professional provides this guidance. It details essential engineering principles and examines the financial and marketing considerations that contribute to making any communications product viable. The book also provides valuable guidance on career topics such as conflict resolution and career structure, to help you further enhance your value to your organization. The book provides a relevant history of mobile radio, the technical basics of cellular and private mobile radio technologies, and descriptions of the design and operation of mobile networks. It also addresses the needs of large user groups, the economics of being a network operator, future developments in mobile radio, radio spectrum management, standardisation, and regulatory issues. This is a must-have book for every serious wireless professional.
Some Interesting History. The Basics of Mobile Radio. Cellular Radio Technologies. Private Mobile Radio Systems. Other Wireless Systems. Interfacing with Fixed Networks. Designing a Mobile Radio Network. Economics of a Mobile Radio Network. Operating a Mobile Radio Network. Large Users of Mobile Radio Networks. Future Mobile Radio Systems. Radio Spectrum. Standardization. Areas of Conflict. Management. The Complete Wireless Communications Professional.
  • William Webb William Webb is director of strategy at Motorola. He is a fellow of the IEE, a senior member of the IEEE, and a chartered engineer. Dr. Webb holds four patents and has also authored Introduction to Wireless Local Loop, Second Edition; The Complete Wireless Communications Professional; and Understanding Cellular Radio (Artech House 2000, 1999, 1998). He received both a Ph.D. in mobile radio and an M.B.A. from Southampton University. He is listed in 'Who's Who in America'.
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