By (author)s: Michael Roytman, Ed Bellis

Copyright: 2022
Pages: 265
ISBN: 9781630819385
Coming Soon: Available 03/31/2023

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This book comprehensively covers the principles of Risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) – one of the most challenging tasks in cybersecurity -- from the foundational mathematical models to building your own decision engine to identify, mitigate, and eventually forecast the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threat to your organization. You will learn: how to structure data pipelines in security and derive and measure value from them; where to procure open-source data to better your organization’s pipeline and how to structure it; how to build a predictive model using vulnerability data; how to measure the return on investment a model in security can yield; which organizational structures and policies work best, and how to use data science to detect when they are not working in security; and ways to manage organizational change around data science implementation.


You’ll also be shown real-world examples of how to mature an RBVM program and will understand how to prioritize remediation efforts based on which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk to your organization. The book presents a fresh approach, rooted in risk management, and taking advantage of rich data and machine learning, helping you focus more on what matters and ultimately make your organization more secure with a system commensurate to the scale of the threat.


This is a timely and much-needed book for security managers and practitioners who need to evaluate their organizations and plan future projects and change. Students of cybersecurity will also find this a valuable introduction on how to use their skills in the enterprise workplace to drive change.

Table Of Contents
Vulnerability Landscape. Data Science to Define Risk. How to Build a Decision Engine to Forecast Risk. Measuring Performance. Building a System for Scale. Aligning Internal Process and Teams. The Future of Modern VM.


  • Michael Roytman
  • Ed Bellis