Alan Salari

is an experimental quantum physicist and microwave engineer actively involved in developing cutting-edge technologies. With extensive experience gained from working at leading industrial entities such as Hughes Network Systems, Quantum Circuits Inc., and Fraunhofer Institute, he has contributed to diverse fields: superconducting qubits, ultracold atomic gases, pixel detectors for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), microwave plasma generators, and radar and satellite communication systems. Alan is a senior member of IEEE, the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), and the Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance. Notably, he has been honored with numerous awards from esteemed organizations, including the National Science Foundation (NSF); Discovery Partners Institute (DPI), Chicago; the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation; the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (EXIST Gründerstipendium); and Siemens AG.

Alan Salari's Books

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