Copyright: 2021
Pages: 286
ISBN: 9781630816841

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This practical resource introduces readers to the design of field programmable gate array systems (FPGAs). Techniques and principles that can be applied by the engineer to understand challenges before starting a project are presented. The book provides a framework from which to work and approach development of embedded systems that will give readers a better understanding of the issues at hand and can develop solution which presents lower technical and programmatic risk and a faster time to market.


Programmatic and system considerations are introduced, providing an overview of the engineering life cycle when developing an electronic solution from concept to completion. Hardware design architecture is discussed to help develop an architecture to meet the requirements placed upon it, and the trade-offs required to achieve the budget. The FPGA development lifecycle and the inputs and outputs from each stage, including design, test benches, synthesis, mapping, place and route and power estimation, are also presented. Finally, the importance of reliability, why it needs to be considered, the current standards that exist, and the impact of not considering this is explained. Written by experts in the field, this is the first book by “engineers in the trenches” that presents FPGA design on a practical level.

Table Of Contents
Design Life Cycles; Requirement Capture; Architectural Design (Tradeoffs); Engineering Budgets; ICDs; Verification; Engineering Governance; Hardware Architecture; Test Plans; Designing the System; Component Selection; De-Rating; Connectorization; Decoupling; Design Integrity; PCB Layout Considerations; Bringing the Design Up; FPGA Development Overview; Good Design Practice; State Machines; Safer State Machines; How FPGAs do Maths; CORDIC Algorithm; Test Benches; Digital Filters within FPGAs; Interfacing ADC and DAC; What is Reliability; What does MTBF Mean?; Finding Your Place on the Bathtub Curve; Redundancy; Failure Mode; Worst Case Analysis; Reliability Figure Calculations.


  • Adam Taylor

    is founder and lead consultant at Adiuvo Engineering & Training Ltd. He received his BEng. In electronic engineering from Sheffield Hallam University He is a Senior Member of IEEE.

  • Dan Binnun

    is a co-founder and president of E3 DESIGNERS. He received his BSEE from the University of Hartford.

  • Saket Srivastava

    is a senior lecturer and program leader in electrical engineering at the University of Lincoln. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the University of South Florida.