By (author): Alan J. Fenn

Copyright: 2008
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781596933804

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Adaptive microwave phased array antennas are well known for their ability to improve the performance of communications and radar systems. And now, adaptive phased array techniques are beginning to be successfully applied to RF and microwave thermotherapy treatment of cancerous tumors. This groundbreaking book details innovative phased array techniques currently being developed at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory for cancer treatment. Until now, this material has only been available in Lincoln Laboratory reports and peer-reviewed journals. From electromagnetic field theory for tissue heating - to simulations of adaptive phased array thermotherapy for deep tumors of the torso - to coverage of arrays for tumors in the head, neck, breast, and chest wall, this timely resource offers you expert guidance in this emerging area. You also find an insightful look at future research topics for adaptive phased array thermotherapy.
Table Of Contents
Adaptive Phased Array Thermotherapy Approach for Cancer Treatment. Background for Thermotherapy in the Treatment of Cancer. Clinical Rationale for New Cancer Treatments. Adaptive Phased Array Thermotherapy Concept. Electromagnetic Field Theory for Tissue Heating. Adaptive Phased Array Algorithms for Thermotherapy. Thermal Modeling of Tissue Heating. Computer Simulations of Adaptive Phased Array Thermotherapy for Deep Tumors of the Torso. Phantom Studies of Adaptive Phased Arrays for Deep Tumors of the Torso. Adaptive Phased Arrays for Tumors in the Head and Neck. Adaptive Phased Arrays for Recurrent Chest Wall Cancer. Adaptive Phased Arrays for the Intact Breast. Future Research Topics for Adaptive Phased Array Thermotherapy.; To view complete TOC:; Click Google Preview button under book title above, then click on Contents tab.;


  • Alan J. Fenn Alan J. Fenn is a senior staff member at the ISR Systems Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Dr. Fenn holds an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Ohio State University. He is also the author of Adaptive Antennas and Phased Arrays for Radar and Communications (Artech House 2008).