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Pages: 448
ISBN: 9781596931459

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The last two decades have witnessed unprecedented developments of new imaging systems making use of 3-D visualization - systems that have revolutionized diagnostic radiology. Now, for the first time, this groundbreaking resource offers you exclusive coverage of the latest techniques in diagnostic and therapeutic 3-D ultrasound imaging instrumentation and techniques. Providing a solid overview of potential applications in clinical practice, you find need-to-know details on major diseases, including vascular diseases, breast cancer, cardiac abnormalities, prostate cancer. Moreover, the book covers state-of-the-art computer-aided diagnosis strategies and presents innovative treatments enabled by advances in ultrasound technology. Packed with over 250 illustrations, this trail-blazing volume offers you the clear, practical guidance on the latest technologies in your field.
Table Of Contents
Part I: Recent Advances in Ultrasound InstrumentationRecent Advances in 3-D Ultrasound Imaging. Part II: 2-D/3-D Ultrasound in Vascular Imaging3-D Ultrasound Imaging of the Carotid Arteries. Segmentation of the Intema-media and plaque in Ultrasound Imaging of the Carotid. An Intelligent Systems for the Assessment of the Morphology of Atherosclerotic Carotid Plaque in Ultrasound Imaging. Ultrasound Carotid Artery Segmentation. ; Part III: 2-D/3-D Breast Ultrasound ImagingBreast Lesion Classification Using 3-D Ultrsound. 3-D Breast Ultrasound Stain Imaging. Breast Lesion Tracking in Low SNR Ultrasound Images Sequence Combing Hausdorff Distance, Non-Extensive Entropy in Level Set Formulation. ; Part IV: 3-D Cardiac Ultrasound ImagingLeft Ventricle Segmentation Using 3-D Ultrasound. Diagnosis of Heart by Phonocardiography. Echocardiography: A Tool for LVSD Identification. ; Part V: 3-D Prostrate Ultrasound ImagingSegmentation of Prostrate from 3-D Ultrasound. ; Part VI: Application of 3-D Therapeutic and Image Guidance UltrasoundHIFU Therapy Planning Using Pre-treatment Ultrasound Imaging and Simulation. 3-D Ultrasound for Image Guidance. Localization of Tools from 3-D Ultrasound. Therapeutic and Surgical Ultrasound. Imaging Modalities for Non-Invasive Feedback on Focused Ultrasound and Thermotherapy.;


  • Ruey-Feng Chang Ruey-Feng Chang is a professor and director of the Ultrasound Imaging Research and Medical Imaging Lab at the National Taiwan University. Dr. Chang has published over 20 international journal papers on 2-D/3-D computer-aided diagnosis for breast ultrasound. He holds an M.S. in computer and decision sciences and a Ph.D. in computer science from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.
  • Aaron Fenster Aaron Fenster is a professor and director of the Imaging Research Laboratories at Robarts Research Institute. A holder of 25 patents and author of over 175 papers in international journals, Dr. Fenster received his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in the Department of Medical Biophysics for work focused on medical imaging.
  • Chirinjeev Kathuria Chirinjeev Kathuria is co-chairman of Cardiac Health, Inc., co-founder and president of American Teleradiology NightHawks, Inc., and chairman and co-founder of PlanetSpace, Inc. His affiliated companies have been featured in many TV shows and media publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, and New York Times Magazine. Dr. Kathuria holds an M.D. from Brown University and an M.B.A. from Stanford University.
  • Filippo Molinari Filippo Molinari is an assistant professor in the department of electronics at Politecnico di Torino, Italy, where he received his Italian Laurea and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. He teaches biomedical signal processing, biomedical image processing, and instrumentation for medical imaging.