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By (author): Sathish Chandran

Copyright: 2005
Pages: 496
ISBN: 9781596930049

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Identifying the location of targets or the direction of arrival (DOA) of any signal is of critical importance for both civilian and tactical applications. This cutting-edge resource fully explains the latest developments in DOA estimation from the leading researchers in the field. You discover how DOA estimation is one of the main functional requirements for direction-finding smart antennas in next generation mobile and stealth communication systems. The first compiled book in the field, this in-depth reference covers a wide range of key topics, from DOA estimation methods and source localization problems, to specific applications of DOA estimation and experimental setup and results. The book also serves as an excellent text for graduate students and researchers studying in this area.
Table Of Contents
Overview.; DOA Estimation Methods - DOA Estimation Algorithm for Wideband Signal Sources. Direction of Arrival Estimation in a Correlated Signal Environment. DOA Estimation Using Matching Pursuit. A New DOA Estimation Method for Pulsed Doppler Radar Based on 2-D Pre-Filtered MUSIC. DOA Estimation of Noncircular Signals. Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Approach Using Switched Parasitic Arrays. Direction Finding of Non-Stationary Signals. Direction of Arrival Estimation for Multiple Scattered Sources: Performance Bounds and Algorithms. Broadband Source Localization by Model Space Processing. Localization of Scattered Sources. ; Source Localization Problems - Direction of Arrival Under Uncertainty. Direct Position Determination. DOA Estimation Using Nonlinear Filtering Techniques. Coupling Model in DOA Antenna Arrays. ; Specific Applications of DOA Estimation - Maximum Likelihood Approach to the Estimate of Target Angular Coordinates Under a Main Beam Interference Condition with Application to Live Data. Broadband DOA Estimation for Auditory Localization and Spatially Selective Listening. Multiple Target Detection and Estimation by Exploiting the Amplitude Modulation Induced by Antenna Scanning. Line- and Surface-Source Estimation Using Magnetoencephalography. Joint DOA/DOD/DTOA Estimation System for UWB Double Directional Channel Modeling. Conventional Methods Improvement by Signals Properties Exploitation. ; Experimental Setup and Results - DOA Antenna Measurement and System Calibration. Espar Antenna Signal Processing for DOA Estimation.;


  • Sathish Chandran Sathish Chandran is a senior radio consultant in Malaysia. He holds an M.Sc. in radio frequency communications engineering from the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire and a Ph.D. in antennas and microwave engineering from Loughborough University, Leicestershire.