By (author): Stanislaw Rosloniec

Copyright: 1990
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780890063545

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This unique book combines ready-to-use programs, design formulas, design theory, and optimization algorithms for linear microwave circuits. Packed with 800 equations, 72 illustrations, and 35 tables, this is your one-stop source for the design of linear electronic circuits with distributed parameters, including impedance transformers, directional couplers, three-port power dividers, narrow-band matching networks, and various types of filters. Included are the algorithms you need to design these circuits from both single and coupled transmission lines, and the source code for all CAD programs addressed in the text. One of the key features of this important new book is its inclusion of source code for the various programs cited in the text. Now you can save hours of keyboard time by ordering the accompanying floppy disk containing the source code.
Table Of Contents
Preface. Outline of a Design Process. Some Optimization Methods. Short Characteristic of MicroĆ¹ Design System. Algorithms for Network Analysis with ABCD-, Y-, Z-, T-, and S-Parameters. CAD Algorithms for Some Linear Microwave Circuits. Single and Coupled Transmission Line. Appendices. Index.


  • Stanislaw Rosloniec