By (author): Eikichi Yamashita

Copyright: 1990
Pages: 430
ISBN: 9780890063644

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An engineering best seller in its Japanese edition, this translation presents a concise overview of the eleven most useful mathematical methods used in the analysis and solution of electromagtic wave problems. In pointing out the range of applications of each method, the authors include precautions to consider when using these mathematical techniques for computer programming, saving you valuable research, application, and analysis time. Over 1120 equations and 150 illustrations supplement this thorough compilation.
Table Of Contents
vFinite Element Methods. Boundary Element Methods. Point Matching Methods. Mode Matching Method. Space Network Methods. Equivalent Wave Source Methods. Geometrical Theory of Diffraction. Wiener-Hopf Method and Modified Residual Method. Asymptotic Expansion Method. Beam Propagation Method. Spectral Domain Method.


  • Eikichi Yamashita