By (author)s: Leo J. Diaz, Thomas Milligan

Copyright: 1996
Pages: 342
ISBN: 9780890067321

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Spend less time setting up complex antenna design problems and improve the accuracy of your results with this practical new book and software package. It shows you how to combine physical optics modeling techniques with the free space dyadic Green's function to quickly and easily calculate antenna patterns and diffraction from nearby objects, letting your PC do the specialized math for you. The book includes detailed examples showing you how to string the subroutines together for fast, accurate analysis of multiple reflector antennas, radomes, lenses, RCS of simple surfaces, microstrip arrays, and more. Packed with 100 illustrations and more than 120 equations, this hands-on guide is essential reading for all antenna design engineers who need powerful, versatile techniques to solve antenna radiation problems and who want to avoid complicated and potentially inaccurate math.
Table Of Contents
Overview. Propagation. Arrays and Small Antenna Elements. Apertures. Diffraction. Reflector Antennas. Radar Cross Section. Appendices.


  • Leo J. Diaz
  • Thomas Milligan Thomas Milligan is chief engineer at Milligan Associates, Inc. He earned his M.S. in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University. A member if the IEEE AP Society, Mr. Milligan has served as an editor of both Transactions and Antenna Magazine.