By (author): Bruno Delorme

Copyright: 2013
Pages: 280
ISBN: 9781608077045

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Published in 2012 exclusively in France, this English translation of Antennas and Site Engineering for Mobile Radio Networks is the first book to discuss the specific antennas used in both commercial (2G, 3G, 4G) and private mobile radio (PMR) networks. These are the antennas located on pylons in rural areas and tubular masts on rooftops in urban areas. This book presents essential information for engineers, managers, and technicians working for mobile phone equipment manufacturers, network integrators, and antenna installation companies. This resource is divided into three sections: the first section describes the functioning of specific types of antennas used in mobile phone networks and provides examples of each; the second section provides a detailed exploration of antenna site engineering, which is crucial to the quality of mobile networks; and the third section includes refresher information on the mathematics and physics necessary to understand the content of the book and put it to practical use in actual applications. This book is packed with clear explanations and recommendations to help antenna professionals avoid problems and make the best antenna and site decisions.
Table Of Contents
Part I: Antennas in Mobile Radio Networks; Fundamentals of Antennas - Antenna History. How an Antenna Radiates. Vertical Half-Wave Dipole Radiation Through Maxwell Equations. Wave Surface, Spherical Wave, Plane Wave, and Wave Polarization. Electric Field Power Loss between an Antenna Transmitter and an Antenna Receiver in Free Space. Antenna Parameters.; Omnidirectional Vertical Wire Antennas -Introduction. Electric Field of the Infinitesimal Dipole. Image TheoryGround Influence. Omnidirectional Vertical Wire Antennas. Input Impedance of Vertical Wire Antennas. Gain Calculation of a Vertical Half-Wave Dipole Antenna Isolated in Space. Half-Wave Antenna Alignment in the Vertical Plane.; Panel and Yagi Antennas - Panel Antennas. Yagi Antennas. Principles of Yagi Antenna. Folded Dipole Antenna. Appendix.; Part II: Antennas Site Engineering; Antenna Coupling - Effect of Coupling between Antennas. Reciprocity Theorem of Carson. Mutual Impedances. Recommended Distance between Two Antennas on a Pylon and on a Terrace.; Antenna Coupling with Mast and Pylon - Influence of the Pylon or Mast on the Radiation Pattern of an Antenna in the Horizontal Plane. Conclusion on the Pylons.; Cellular Networks: Antenna Tilt, Polarization Diversity, and Multiband on Panels - Panel Antenna with Vertical Polarization, n Dipoles, and Mechanic Fixed Tilt, Electric Fixed Tilt, or Electric Adjustable Tilt. Antenna Panel for Polarization Diversity in Reception. Multiband Panel Antennas. Appendix. ; Filters - Filter Role. Filter Characteristics. Filter Structures. Filter Technology. Performing a Band-Pass Filter with Coaxial Cavities. Appendix.; Coupling of Several Transceivers on the Same Antenna - Benefits of this Coupling. Different Types of Multicouplers. Transmission Multicoupler. Receiving Multicoupler. The Duplexer. Achieving a Transceiver Multicoupler. Appendix.; Study of the Radio Environment on an Antenna Site, Measurements of the Spurious Frequencies, and Protection against These Frequencies - The Purpose of this Chapter. Recommended Method for this Study. Measurement on the TransmitterAntenna VSWR. Measurement of the Spurious Frequencies on the Receiver and Protection against these Frequencies. Measurement of the Frequency Levels of the Site Transmitters and Protection against Blocking. Measurement of the Noise of the Transmitters and Protection against this Noise. Measurement of the Harmonics of the Transmitters and Protection against these Spurious. Measurement of the Intermodulation Products of Third Order and Protection. Measurement of the Spurious Frequencies from Outside the Site and Protection.; Radiating Apertures Horn and Parabolic Antennas - Radiating Apertures. Huyghens-Fresnel Formula. Radiating Rectangular Aperture: Application to Pyramidal Horn. Radiating Circular Aperture: Application to Parabolic Antenna. Realization of a Parabolic Antenna. Appendix.; Part III: Appendixes; Appendices. About the Author. Index. ;


  • Bruno Delorme Bruno Delorme is a consultant in radio communications systems. He was previously the System Engineering Department Manager at Motorola Communications France.